"I think I invented the selfie."-My father

meganfursure Dec 09, 2012

Cookie Oreo Brownie Monster

Hello, all! Allow me to enlighten you with the lives of my friends and I. So. We're bored. We're Young. We love food. And Tumblr…
summer out by the lakepic

*Terminator voice* I'll be back.

hey! Well, i'm on my way to florida! i'm currently chilling in some hotel in Georgia, listening to my mother rant about why boys HAVE to…
meganfursure Apr 05, 2010
thought it was time for a new picture for my profile :pic

Time? Where Did You Go!?

Well, I've decided to use the half of my brain left because the other one is asleep since it is half past one, to write…
meganfursure Feb 15, 2010
meganfursure Feb 10, 2010
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About Me:

oh lord here we go...I'm terrible at describing myself so bear with me. Um..hey, wats up? I'm megan, photography is my everlasting obsession as is writing. :) I cant draw for the life of me and the best portrait of someone I've ever done was a stick figure. I like music, concerts, bands, my camera and colorful socks. And..thats the best i can do. byebye :)

Favorite Music:

A Rocket to the Moon, Mayday Parade, My top bands right now are The Maine, There For Tomorrow and many more that my fish-like memory cant recall at the moment :), We the Kings, but other than that i will listen to anything, i like a lot of music-i cant do country though (not bashing on country lovers)