"I think I invented the selfie."-My father

We'll be under the moonlightpic

We'll be under the moonlight

OOOHWWEHHEOOO I just got a Mac and have no idea what to do with this thing.  Any hoodlydoodly, recently my friends and I went to…
meganfursure Jun 30, 2014
You are always freepic

You are always free

WhAT IS WITH THIS FONT. DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE THIS FONT. ughghg. fontfontfotnfotn. Hello ducklings, as you can see, it has been one of those weeks that are…
meganfursure Nov 25, 2013
the days we'll rememberpic

the days we'll remember

HAAAPY FOURTH OF JULY MY AMERICAN FRIENDS! *sets off firework* *runs away screaming* I hope everyone had a fabulous fourth, and for every non-murican out der…
The mountains are calling, and I must go.pic

The mountains are calling, and I must go.

Props to mr. man who said that quote. It's like, soul speaking and all that, even though I just have a black hole. It speaks…
sultry airpic

sultry air

OH MY GOOD LOVING GOD EVERYONE IT'S SUMMER! :D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:DDDDDD *shimmies around kitchen with wine bottle in hand*   I don't know about you lovely people, but I…
kisses and cheerpic

kisses and cheer

IT'S CUTE BECAUSE IT'S CHRISTMAS! Hola cuties, how's it hangin'? I'm currently half asleep and my eye is twitching. Which is a good sign that it…
meganfursure Dec 24, 2012
meganfursure Dec 09, 2012
Cats n' Stuffpic

Cats n' Stuff

ahaha oh my god.   So yesterday my exciting life consisted of dressing up like a cat and working at my library. I managed to run…
meganfursure Oct 30, 2012
creatures of the summer nightspic

creatures of the summer nights

So I have decided that sleep is irrelevant and I'm becoming a bat who pours fruit punch in her bat cup because blood is gross and…
meganfursure Aug 08, 2012
Stars and Moonspic

Stars and Moons

Oh, hello face above, you probably don't remember taking this picture because you were half dead from lack of sleep because you did what you…
meganfursure Jun 21, 2012
Sail into Summerpic

Sail into Summer

oooh my god there is a spider crawling on my computer screen. I mean, he's about the size of my finger nail, but i bet…
Perhaps I will flypic

Perhaps I will fly

Houstan, we have made it to Spring Break. DKLNVFNJNJBHG I AM SO HAPPY I COULD SNEEZE CHOCOLATE BUNNIES! But that might be incredibly painful and kill…
I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanitypic

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity

Oh Edgar Allen Poe, you and I would get along quite swimmingly. God almighty sweet baby carrots. I am half out of my mind right now. It's…

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meganfursure Mar 02, 2012
Ocean of Champagne Bubblespic

Ocean of Champagne Bubbles

HAPPY NEW YEARS IN T-MINUS ONE HOUR AND 10 MINUTES! Hello world full of beautiful faces, I hope everyone has a wonderful new year. 2011…
meganfursure Dec 31, 2011
You look quite cold, my dearpic

You look quite cold, my dear

*Sigh* I remember when these were leafy and less...naked. Ah well, I'll be a cynic and say that everyone deserves to be naked and wild…
meganfursure Dec 22, 2011
Winter Wonderlandpic

Winter Wonderland

So hey, wow, it's December! It still hasn't registered with my shriveled up raisin brain that it's not November anymore. Must. Adapt. Anyway, I'm super excited…

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meganfursure Nov 30, 2011
How i found Buzznetpic

How i found Buzznet

How did I stumble upon this beautiful place called Buzznet? Well, basically a friend told a friend who told a friend who told a unicorn…
Exploding Applespic

Exploding Apples

I think apples hate me. So about four minutes ago, I happily walked to my fridge to get a bag of apples because i like…
Lost in Leafspic

Lost in Leafs

I wish i could be like a tree in the fall; just shed all the stupid leaves that will see their demise on the frozen…
I swim in flash card oceanspic

I swim in flash card oceans

Hello world, I have missed you. The only reason i have been unable to run back into your arms is because this thing called School…
meganfursure Sep 24, 2011
Demonic Butterfliespic

Demonic Butterflies

First and foremost, let me just state that I love nature. It’s practically my mother, sister, aunt, grandma and lover. I just hate everything IN…
as she welcomed midnight through the doorpic

as she welcomed midnight through the door

I'm in a creepy-writing mood, but I don't have any creepy-writing-moody things to say. Therefor, my good ol' friend Google whom i have become sickely…
meganfursure Aug 20, 2011
swimming with Blackberrys.pic

swimming with Blackberrys.

I'm burnt, I'm blonde, and I'm bared. Time to make a photo thing. Okay, so bared was suppose to be "scared" but I wanted you…
Highway Thoughtspic

Highway Thoughts

Once upon a time there was a family that had gone utterly and irrevocably insane. You see, they had been traveling all day and were…

Cookie Oreo Brownie Monster

Hello, all! Allow me to enlighten you with the lives of my friends and I. So. We're bored. We're Young. We love food. And Tumblr…
Nature Lovin'pic

Nature Lovin'

"In the midst of nature, one is never alone."-John Muir I have NO idea if that quote is exact because my brain tried, dear people, it…
Jail Birdpic

Jail Bird

It took me ten minutes to think up that title. And i'm damn proud. Bonjure pretty people! I have no idea what i did today…

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meganfursure Jul 16, 2011
Sail on the Stormspic

Sail on the Storms

oh this poor little boat. If you look hard enough through the black-velvet storm rolling in, you can see the city. If you look even…
City Lifepic

City Life

Hello everyone :D so it's hot outside. Like, really hot. The heat index said it felt like 113 at some point today and i nearly…
Dance in the Darkpic

Dance in the Dark

Happy post Amercia Day :D So these flowers are kind of like fireworks, right? They're both...puffy? Anyway. Here is my 4th in a nutshell: Friend…
Garden of Magicpic

Garden of Magic

hiya :D HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY WEEKEND EVEN THOUGH ITS ON A WEEKDAY BAAKNDSKBAKB! :D oh my. Sorry about that. I just came back from a…
meganfursure Jul 01, 2011
Crabby Breadpic

Crabby Bread

When I saw some men working behind the window of a bakery making crabs, lobsters and KOALAS (!!!!) out of bread, I was completly floored…
By the Baypic

By the Bay

Good super ridiculously late evening everybody! :D If anyone is planning on going to the Golden Gate Bridge, take notice of a few things: 1…
Morning Sunpic

Morning Sun

Hello, all! Incase you are wondering, i survived the Crazy Hat Booth! *Cheers roar from the make-believe crowd in my room* We only stayed there…
Tales of the tidepic

Tales of the tide

I was feeling dramatic-dare i say, *bold* when editing this photo so I thought: Meh, what the heck? And went all out. Woohoo for the…
A place to thinkpic

A place to think

I took this on the Pier in Santa Barbara aka my favoritist (let's get rid of the world of spelling correctly for the moment) place…
love is like a little boatpic

love is like a little boat

That song always made me want to leave my troubles behind and jump in a giant Cheereo and float into a milky sunset. HII GUYYYYSSS!…
We're all just balloonspic

We're all just balloons

hi everyone : ) I'm heading out for Cali in oh...4 hours. Guess I should start packing. ...nahhh. anyway, i just wanted to say i…
meganfursure Jun 01, 2011
Feel the Summerpic

Feel the Summer

WAHOOO SCHOOL IS OUT! I took my last exam today and can proudly say i finished my first year of high school :D It never…
meganfursure May 26, 2011
Angel wingspic

Angel wings

why, hello. No, i am not dead and no, i was not captured by aliens. I'm alive and non alien-captured as ever :D BUT exams…


*Puffs out chest with hands on hips and a flowy cape being all flow-ie like in the wind* I feel like i can rule the…
walk into summerpic

walk into summer

it's officially summer (well, in my mind it is). Yes, i still have school but i am so beyond the point of caring and/or calling…
meganfursure May 12, 2011
Ocean Ahoy!pic

Ocean Ahoy!

Tomorrow's May :D i woke up this morning and thought i slept walk to north carolina or something because everything was WARM and GREEN and…

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meganfursure Apr 24, 2011
The Piss Off Birdpic

The Piss Off Bird

We all have a little Piss Off bird in us from time to time. He is the little impulse in you to simply raise your…
meganfursure Apr 20, 2011
we became trolls and hid under dockspic

we became trolls and hid under docks

except a fish the size of my pinky finger brushed up againts Olivia's ankle and she ran out of the water screaming. The fantasy was…
we've got the whole worldpic

we've got the whole world

i think everyone in my school is going insane. or maybe we're just making each other all insane. or maybe aliens from mars are controling…
Dejavu and some treespic

Dejavu and some trees

i had a dream one night that i was walking across a white bridge and came across a line of trees being reflected on a…
The Thrilling Threepic

The Thrilling Three

well hello there, i am back and alive :D I got back from Sandestin, FL yesterday and slept for about 48 hours after that. This trip…
Up up and awaypic

Up up and away

well, at least good ol' kentucky had a taste of spring for at least three days. Spring break started yesterday and it was snowing. the…
shaking off winterpic

shaking off winter

it reached 71 degrees yesterday. i nearly cried srun drops. I learned something this past week: gym class is dangerous. i am saying this with…
meganfursure Mar 18, 2011
Snow in spring. rips face offpic

Snow in spring. *rips face off*

14 days till spring break and it snowed out. i was devastated for a good solid hour. but it melted the next day, so it's…
meganfursure Mar 11, 2011
I dream in cotton candypic

I dream in cotton candy

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are well on this fridgid March morning. Currently, i have become a Mouth Breather because my loving brother…
meganfursure Mar 08, 2011
i'll be here by the oceanpic

i'll be here by the ocean

only 3 more weeks-ish till i'm back here. i must talk to Father Time and suggest he speed things along... Enjoy your Saturday everyone! Hopefully its…
meganfursure Mar 05, 2011
my mind works best when it's lostpic

my mind works best when it's lost

Call me crazy, but whenever I am in need of thinking about life, i resort to the comfort of my bath tub. For whatever reason…
meganfursure Mar 04, 2011
we're all smilespic

we're all smiles

IM. GOING. TO FLORIDA. FOR. SPRINGBREAK! BSDJBFBAFBEAB :DD My friends and i are going to drive 10 hours (hahahaha me. my friends. in a car…


Happy saturday everyone, how's it hangin? I'm watching Legend of Sleepy Hollow. What can i say? I'm a sucker for halloween movies in the winter…
meganfursure Feb 26, 2011
Silly shoes, flying is for batmanpic

Silly shoes, flying is for batman

er..does batman even fly? he drives a wicked cool car, that's about all i know :D (note to self: update mind on super heroes).
the night my shoes almost killed mepic

the night my shoes almost killed me

so i don't know if you know this, but heels are probably one of the most dangerous things to ever strap on to a girl's…
I'll be yours if you'll be minepic

I'll be yours if you'll be mine

how could i go without wishing my lovely Buzznet-ers a happy heart day? i couldnt. so happy valentines day :D Wether you spent it with…
you are goldenpic

you are golden

happy late buzziversary to me :D i was looking through some of my old writings and saw that i wrote "i joined Buzznet today" and…


I can tolerate December. I can cringe through January. But i cant STAND Februauruauruy. mainly because i cant spell it; but also because its the…
so this is what the world looks likepic

so this is what the world looks like

i love looking out plane windows. i feel ontop of the world-which i kind of am :D i love seeing the tops of clouds and…
Gentle firepic

Gentle fire

i like flowers. they smell good. *giant, dramatic sigh* it's deffinantly the time of the year where my mind completly jumps out of my ears…
meganfursure Jan 27, 2011
i wish i were a cloudpic

i wish i were a cloud

i wouldnt mind being a cloud; floating under the sun in the blue sky all day. Then again, i hate clouds. So maybe i'll just…
Woke uppic

Woke up

Alice had one too many and missed the rabit hole completely. So she fell down a shower head and ended up here. Silly girl. It's almost…
meganfursure Jan 19, 2011


took this in california. I miss that place so much; going back in june i believe :D if i could just live there forever and…
meganfursure Jan 17, 2011

i've grown quite accustomed to balancing things on tree branches (gloves, cameras, rocks, hearts, gingerbread houses...), it's always interesting :D Fell asleep watching Skins and…
meganfursure Jan 16, 2011


i have too much time on my hands :D thanks to my friends, i've been hooked onto the TV show Skins. the UK version, not…
meganfursure Jan 15, 2011


i found inspiration in a faux-cheetah vest and a red tube of lip gloss. : D
meganfursure Jan 14, 2011
Make A Wishpic

Make A Wish

11/11/11 11:11:11 : )
birthday cake and broken bodiespic

birthday cake and broken bodies

hahahahaa i feel 1,000 years old. Went snowboarding for the first time yesterday with my boyfriend and some other friends and nearly died 6 times…
meganfursure Jan 09, 2011
...i like cupcakes too...pic

...i like cupcakes too...

if i was in a world that was perfect, there would be sunny days, my friends, boyfriend, and mountains of cupcakes galore. The ocean would…
meganfursure Jan 07, 2011
Mr. Winter loves youpic

Mr. Winter loves you

but i tend to hate Mr. Winter :D i think i went into a semi-coma yesterday. got home, went upstairs, collapsed on a pile of…
meganfursure Jan 06, 2011


after my great grandma's 93'rd birthday yesterday at the nursing home, i have come to conclusion that i never ever ever ever want to become…
meganfursure Jan 02, 2011
So this is the new yearpic

So this is the new year

last night was the best new years eve i have ever celebrated. This same time last year my relationship with my friends became extremely rocky…
meganfursure Jan 01, 2011
Remember that i love youpic

Remember that i love you

best christmas gift ever. just sayin. :D HAAAAAPPPYY (almost) NEW YEAR BUZZNET! i hope everyone has a great night getting know...soda..*cough* haha but in all seriousness…
Pearl Girlpic

Pearl Girl

pearls are fun to eat. totally. kidding. went running for the first time in months today. It felt good, but reminded me why i was so tired…


so its like 4 degrees outside. I'm going to be walking around like that "I cant put my arms down" kid on A Chirstmas Story…
meganfursure Dec 26, 2010
Frosted Lightspic

Frosted Lights

I've always liked walking. It's kind of my thing. Sometimes, in the summer, i would walk for hours and end up in the same spot…
meganfursure Dec 24, 2010


Heaven in a box. :D
meganfursure Dec 23, 2010
Soul of a dancer, grace of a toddlerpic

Soul of a dancer, grace of a toddler

Sleep is a wonderful thing. I have missed it dearly. Just saying :D All right, so yesterday my aunts came over (the most wild people you…
meganfursure Dec 19, 2010
my mindpic

my mind

ITS. OVER. :D Last day of exams and i couldn't be happier. You know that feeling? That feeling you feel when you think you have…
meganfursure Dec 17, 2010


SNOW DAY. I needed today off. Fo. Serious. This week...i dont even remember being alive haha I studied. Cried. Ate. Studied some more. Slept. Woke up…
meganfursure Dec 16, 2010
It's that time again...pic

It's that time again...

ahhhh more snow. face is chapped, skin is cold, eyes cant look outside due to snow-glare-i'm not sure if thats even the right term, but…
First Snowpic

First Snow

I love snow and hate it at the same time. It's all cute and pretty for the first week or so, but then im like…
Sit and Watchpic

Sit and Watch

HAAAPY THANKSGIVING! :D The Godfather is playing on every TV in my house and some lady just exploaded in a fire. lovely. So it's been…
meganfursure Nov 25, 2010
Stress to Soundpic

Stress to Sound

hahahahahaahhaahahahahahahahahahah HI. So, i havent posted anything on here in a 100 years, i'm sorry. But please understand, i have been under a pile of books, papers…
meganfursure Nov 24, 2010
Just a Shadowpic

Just a Shadow

What. A. Day. xD i have mental breakdowns on a daily basis now that i'm in highschool. Concentrating on stuff i have no interest in is…
deformed heartspic

deformed hearts

tonight my friends and i tried to make brownies full of M&M's. for serious people, we used the whole bag :D and out came this…
meganfursure Nov 06, 2010
Chill with the musicpic

Chill with the music

last weekend i was asked to shoot the bands Exit 186 along with the Dude Babies. I go to school with most of the band…
meganfursure Nov 04, 2010


happy halloween everyone! :D
meganfursure Oct 31, 2010
Darling will you please, take a walk with me?pic

Darling will you please, take a walk with me?

oh my fduklafvblrghui. i went to USS nightmare (a haunted house on a boat on the ohio river) with my friends and it was halarious/horrifying…
meganfursure Oct 30, 2010
she'll find you with her eyespic

she'll find you with her eyes

it's almost 2 in the morning and i will regret letting my inner insomniac take control tomorrow when i study. oh well :D
Dust in the windpic

Dust in the wind

Same old song Just a drop of water in an endless sea All we do Crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see Dust in the wind All we…
meganfursure Oct 19, 2010

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meganfursure Oct 18, 2010
I wont be denied by you, the animal inside of youpic

I wont be denied by you, the animal inside of you

"ben, you spelled animal backwards." "heh...oops." *tries to keep cool* "Ben, sharpie doesnt come off easily." "but it looks cool!" "BEN!" my family. haha last night was pretty interesting; lots…
meganfursure Oct 17, 2010
let's get lostpic

let's get lost

hahaha im going insane. last night my friend ellie had a bonfire at her house and she forgot to mention that there were evil little…
we always have tomorrowpic

we always have tomorrow

today. was. weird. so last night i couldnt sleep. at all. by 2:00 am i was ready to just call it quits and stay up…
summer out by the lakepic

*Terminator voice* I'll be back.

hey! Well, i'm on my way to florida! i'm currently chilling in some hotel in Georgia, listening to my mother rant about why boys HAVE to…
meganfursure Apr 05, 2010
thought it was time for a new picture for my profile :pic

Time? Where Did You Go!?

Well, I've decided to use the half of my brain left because the other one is asleep since it is half past one, to write…
meganfursure Feb 15, 2010
meganfursure Feb 10, 2010
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About Me:

oh lord here we go...I'm terrible at describing myself so bear with me. Um..hey, wats up? I'm megan, photography is my everlasting obsession as is writing. :) I cant draw for the life of me and the best portrait of someone I've ever done was a stick figure. I like music, concerts, bands, my camera and colorful socks. And..thats the best i can do. byebye :)

Favorite Music:

A Rocket to the Moon, Mayday Parade, My top bands right now are The Maine, There For Tomorrow and many more that my fish-like memory cant recall at the moment :), We the Kings, but other than that i will listen to anything, i like a lot of music-i cant do country though (not bashing on country lovers)